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Driver's Licenses - Sedgwick County, Colorado | Sedgwick County, Colorado
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Driver’s Licenses

Driver’s License OfficeDLManual

Christy M. Beckman

Kurt Dilsaver

Jane Kipp

315 Cedar St, Suite 220

Julesburg, CO 80737

(970) 474-3417

(970) 474-3346

Fax: (970) 474-0954 

Public Office Hours: 8AM to 3:30 PM




3rd Party Motorcycle Testers

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· If applying for a first time CDL with a hazmat endorsement you must have a background check done and it must show clearance in our system before you can apply. 
· If renewing a CDL with a hazmat endorsement, you must have a new background check done and it must show clearance in our system before you can renew.  
Hazmat Background Check 
· You must first go online or call to fill out an application BEFORE you go to a TSA site to get your fingerprints taken.   https://universalenroll.dhs.gov  1-855-347-8371
· You may then go to a TSA fingerprint site.  They accept credit cards, money orders, or certified bank checks for payment. 
· After being fingerprinted, you must then wait 3 or more weeks for the results to be sent to the drivers license offices.  Drivers license offices do not accept notices sent to the CDL customer as proof of passing the background check. 
Available TSA Sites are listed at  https://universalenroll.dhs.gov 
1. For all CDLs                
        A. Take required tests for class of vehicle                
        B. Bring DOT Physical                
        C. If adding Hazmat Endorsement, have background check completed.
2. For Class A CDL                
        A. General Knowledge Test                
        B. Combination Test                
        C. Air Brake Test
3. For Class B CDL                
        A. General Knowledge Test
        B. Air Brake Test (depending on vehicle)
4. For Class C CDL
        A. General Knowledge Test
        B. Air Brake Test ( optional, depending on vehicle) 
Endorsement tests are as follows:  
1. Tanker
2. Hazmat
3. Doubles & Triples
4. Passenger
5. School Bus   
You will be allowed to take two of each kind of test per day, unless you score a 60% or less on the first test. 
You will be able to come back the next day to take two more of each kind of test, unless you score a 60% or less. 
The cost of a CDL is $15.50
The cost of a CDL permit is $16.80
After receiving your CDL permit, you must go to a third party tester and take the driving portion of the test. 
After completing that, you will bring your certificate of completion in and get your CDL License. 
Drivers Education Information 
In order for your teenager to get a permit at the age of 15, they must be enrolled in a drivers ed course and must complete the classroom portion within 6 months of applying for their permit.  Once they are enrolled, they will receive an affidavit of liability which will be signed by the drivers ed course instructor.  You will need to bring that affidavit along with the teenagers birth certificate and social security card, and you as parents/step parents must come to the office to sign the affidavit in front of the drivers license examiner and also furnish your drivers license. 
At that time, the teenager will take a written exam, (they are allowed to take two exams in one day) and after passing the exam, they will be issued a learners permit and will not be able to take their drive test for exactly one year. 
To get you permit at 15/6 months you must complete either the 4 hour driver awareness course or complete the classroom portion of the approved drivers ed course. 
No drivers ed requirements to get your permit at 16 years old. 
Following is information on a couple of drivers ed courses and the 4 hour awareness course: 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call 970-474-3346 or 970-474-3417.