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Marriage License


Must have one of the following for your Marriage License Application:

  • U.S Driver's License or Permit
  • U.S State Issued ID
  • U.S Military ID
  • Passport (With certified English language translation if non-English)
  • Birth Certificate (Presenting a birth certificate as proof of age and/or identity requires some form of photo ID.)

(Name on marriage license will appear exactly as it is on the ID you provide)


If you have a Social Security Number, you are required to provide it.  If the bride or groom does not have a Social Security Number (they are from another county, or they are in the process of obtaining U.S citizenship) they are not required to have one to get married. If you don't have a Social Security Number, you are required to fill out an affidavit concerning a Social Security Number.


(Baptismal certificates, and Mexican Consular IDs (Matricula Consular) are not acceptable for marriage license applications)


Marriage License is only valid for 35 days after issuance and may be used anywhere in Colorado.



If one of the parties can't be in our office to fill out the application and they are getting married in a civil or religious ceremony:

  • Must fill out an Absentee Application for the absent party in front of a notary public
  • Must have the absent parties ID or photocopy
  • The name on the Absentee Application must match name on ID



When one party is unable to attend the solemnization, the absent party may authorize a third party to act as proxy.

An Authorization of Proxy form will need to be completed and signed in front of a notary public.



You must be 18 years of age or older to marry in the state of Colorado.  If you are under the age of 18:

  • Ages 16 & 17 require parental consent from both parents or of legal guardian
  • Ages 15 & Under require parental consent from both parents or of legal guardian & a court order granting judicial approval.  Court order must be obtained in the county where judicial approval has been granted.
  • If one parent is sole custodian of the minor, must provide proof of the sole custodian.